At present two well furnished Lecturer Theaters with a sitting capacity of 56 (Fifty-Six) each is available for imparting training. The Lecturer Theaters are also equipped with Projector, High Quality Sound System, 5 (Five) Nos. of Air-Conditioner and connected with all kind of IT equipments.

The Auditorium having 200 (Two Hundred) seats is attached next to the Administrative Block and is well connected with Projector, High Quality Sound System and 10 (Ten) No. of Air-Conditioners.

There is also a Computer Laboratory having 28 numbers of Computer with Internet facility for the use of Trainees.

The Hostel located at the back side of the Administrative Block is having 56 (Fifty-Six) well furnished rooms with attached toilet facilities which can accommodate 112 (One Hundred and Twelve) number of trainees at a time. The Hostel having 2 (Two) wings which can be used separately for ladies and gents if required with provision of strict security facilities. 4 (Four) number of wall mounted PLAZMA Televisions are fitted in both the wings of the hostel for the use of trainees. The Dining Hall having 10 (Ten) number of dining Tables with a sitting capacity of 6 (Six) each is available at the First floor of the Hostel Building. One Library Room well equipped with Law and Training related Books with sitting capacity of 32 (Thirty-two) nos. are available. A room earmarked for indoor games purpose is available at the ground floor of the hostel building. The Guest House having 6(Six) rooms is available at the upstairs of the dining hall to accommodate Resource Persons and other Dignitaries coming outside the State.

The Institute campus is also having ‘E’ and ‘F’ type quarters 12 (Twelve) number of each inside the premises. Besides 1 (One) ‘C’ and 1 (One) ‘D’ type quarter is also located just adjacent to the Hostel Building.

The campus being situated at the Hill-top has a good ambience. The verdant and beautifully manicured lawns, flowerbeds and the Mango and Coconut trees provide the right setting for the participants to interact socially and relax during their leisure hours. At times, the Peacocks are also visiting the campus from Chandaka Reserve Forest. The campus is well decorated with rich Flora, Fauna and Medicinal Plant.